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motorcycle blind spot accidents

What Do I Need to Know after a Motorcycle Accident?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

Motorcycle riding season is in full swing. In Florida, we have great riding weather year-round, but during the spring and summer months, the weather is ideal for long rides on the open roads taking in all the scenic beauty the Sunshine State has to offer. May through September is peak riding season, but it… Read More »

spinal cord injury attorney

Spinal Injuries: Important Things to Know after a Spinal Cord Injury

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) can be devastating and life-altering. SCI’s happen when any part of the spinal cord or the nerves that are situated at the end of the spinal canal are damaged. This damage interferes with the ability of the brain to communicate with various parts of the body.  The end result is… Read More »

premises liability attorney in pensacola

Slip and Fall Accidents: What is the Liability of the Retail Business?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

Slip and fall accidents happen all the time, and most of these incidents result in minor injuries (if any at all). That said, falls result in far more moderate to severe injuries than most people realize.  Each year, millions of individuals in United States are hospitalized or visit the emergency room because of a… Read More »

Rear-End Collision

Should I seek Medical Attention after a Rear-End Collision?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

Rear-end accidents are among the most common that occur on roadways in Florida and throughout the nation. Rear-end collisions account for approximately one-third of all motor vehicle accidents, and they usually happen because of heavy traffic that suddenly slows down, rainy or slippery road conditions, and various forms of driver negligence. While some rear-end… Read More »

personal injury lawyers in florida

How to Stay on Top of your Case after you Hire a Lawyer

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

For many complex legal matters, you need the services of an attorney to obtain a satisfactory resolution. An attorney can provide advice, counsel, guidance, and legal representation for complicated issues that would be difficult to resolve on your own. When you choose a lawyer to handle your case, there are a few things you… Read More »

Protective Orders - Whibbs Stone & Barnett

What if My Spouse Violates a Protective Order or Temporary Injunction?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

Florida law recognizes that some domestic relationships can become so volatile that one person needs legal protection from the other. A protective order or temporary injunction orders the offending party to have no contact with the other, including contact in person, by phone, by text or email, or indirectly through another person. Some of… Read More »

DUI Laws in Pensacola - Whibbs Stone & Barnett

What Are the DUI Laws in Pensacola, FL?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

Florida considers a driver legally impaired if his or her blood alcohol level (BAC) registers above .08 percent. The legal penalty depends on many factors, including whether the driver has previous convictions, the degree of impairment, and whether he or she caused exceptional risk to others such as driving impaired with a child in… Read More »

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse - Whibbs Stone & Burnett

Three Commonly Missed Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

Florida has over five million adults over the age of 60, and the state’s senior population is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. According to the Florida Health Care Association, there are almost 700 licensed nursing homes in the Sunshine State, representing more than 83,000 beds. There are another 3,000+ licensed assisted… Read More »

Brain Injury and Whiplash Attorneys - Whibbs Stone & Barnett

How Does a Whiplash Brain Injury Occur?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

A whiplash injury is almost universally understood to be a neck and shoulder injury, and when we think of whiplash, we often picture someone wearing a neck brace. Whiplash is caused by a forceful jolt to the neck that results in a rapid and severe back-and-forth motion. This motion is similar to cracking a… Read More »

insurance settlement

Negotiating a Full and Fair Settlement for a Florida Injury Claim

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

When someone suffers an injury and it is the fault of another party, they deserve to be fully compensated. In most cases, the injured party must negotiate with the responsible party’s insurance company (or their own insurer if the other party was uninsured or underinsured) in order to obtain a fair settlement. This typically… Read More »


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