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slip and fall attorney in pensacolaIt is easy to dismiss slipping or tripping on someone else’s property as minor — until it happens to you. Many visitors suffer injuries — fractures, head injuries and even death — every year as the result of businesses and homes that are not kept reasonably safe.

When an injury results from improperly maintained commercial, residential or public property or from a dog bite, the Pensacola premises liability lawyers at Whibbs Stone Barnett, help hold the owner or tenant responsible for the damages.

Our attorneys thoroughly investigate each case to determine if you were invited onto the property and whether the owner or tenant fell below the standard of care by failing to inspect the premises, identify dangerous conditions, and repair or warn others of the hazards.

Holding Property Owners and Tenants Responsible for Substandard Conditions

Pensacola premises liability lawsuits can stem from injuries caused by a variety of hazardous conditions, including, but not limited to:

  • Aggressive pets
  • Broken or missing handrails
  • Concealed holes
  • Crumbling curbs
  • Cracked sidewalks
  • Defective flooring
  • Defects in chairs or benches
  • Falling objects
  • Icy walks
  • Improperly secured mats
  • Inadequate security
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Open excavations
  • Standing water
  • Spills
  • Uncleared snow
  • Uneven pavement
  • Wet or slippery floors

Our law firm handles premises liability/slip and fall accidents occurring in a wide variety of settings, including homes, apartments, schools, construction sites, stores, hospitals and nursing homes. We see an inordinate number of injuries caused by slipping on old tile floors in condominium complexes. When a fall results in a fatality, our firm’s Pensacola wrongful death attorneys step in to pursue any claim.

Pensacola Dog Bite Lawyers Fight Back

An attack by a dog or other animal can be terrifying and can result in devastating injuries and even death. We represent victims, protecting their rights and ensuring they are fully compensated for their physical and emotional injuries.

Our Pensacola dog bite attorneys understand the laws governing pet owners and apply their knowledge to benefit every animal attack client. Dog owners are responsible for their pets in public places and on their own property. Most animal attack claims are filed under premises liability law.

Our team also includes experienced Pensacola medical malpractice attorneys and Pensacola car accident lawyers.

When You Need Pensacola Dog Bite Attorneys You Can Trust

As experienced personal injury litigators, we quickly determine whether cause for a premises liability action exists. The sooner you call the firm, the sooner we can investigate and preserve evidence necessary to support a claim.

Please contact Whibbs Stone Barnett online or at (850) 434-5395 to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION on all personal injury claims with a Fort Walton Beach or Pensacola trip and fall lawyer.

We look forward to delivering the service you expect and the compensation you deserve. We really can help.

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