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Car Accident Lawyers in Mobile, AL

There is no event that leaves more people injured every year than that of a car accident. To be sure, not only are car accidents a leading cause of injury in Alabama and nationwide, but also a leading cause of death. Perhaps most tragic is the fact that the majority of car accidents are preventable, and occur only as a result of negligence, carelessness, or recklessness.

At the law offices of Whibbs Stone Barnett, P.A., our Mobile, Alabama car accident attorneys understand how devastating being involved in a car accident is, and how tempting it may be to just accept any insurance settlement offer that’s made and move on with your life. However, we know that first offers and quick settlements often aren’t fair, and our lawyers want to help you maximize your compensation award and walk away with the settlement that you truly deserve. When you call our lawyers, we’ll handle all elements of your car accident claim and provide you with qualified, experienced representation that focuses on your best interests.

We Manage All Elements of Your Accident Claim

When you choose our Mobile law firm for representation after a car accident, you can count on our lawyers to handle all elements of your accident claim, allowing you to focus on your recovery. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessing and analyzing your case. When you call the office of Whibbs Stone Barnett, P.A., we will provide you with a free case consultation where we learn more about your case, and you can ask us any questions you have about the claims process. This is an opportunity for us to assess and analyze your case in order to make a determination about its viability, and the various options for recovery ahead of you.
  • Investigating your car accident and identifying all liable parties. Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate your car accident, even hiring accident reconstruction experts to add insight and clout to your claim. Our goal is to not only establish the fault of the other driver, but also to identify any other potentially liable parties, ranging from a government entity to a vehicle manufacturer and more; the more sources of insurance that are potentially available, the larger your settlement will likely be.
  • Handling all legal elements and paperwork. We are responsible for managing all documentation related to your accident, filling out and filing all claim paperwork, and ensuring that legal elements–ranging from the four elements of a car accident claim to the statute of limitations–are satisfied. We will also be responsible for calculating your damages and issuing a demand letter to the insurance company or companies on your behalf.
  • Negotiating your settlement. As stated above, initial settlement offers are typically not reflective of the value of a car accident victim’s losses. Our lawyers will comprehensively review a settlement offer and, if we believe that it is too low, represent you in rejection of a settlement and negotiation. If negotiations fail, we can litigate your claim in court. We are proud of our reputation for recovering impressive settlements and jury verdicts on our clients’ behalf, including multiple million-dollar-plus awards.

Your Right to Compensation After a Crash

When you are involved in a car accident in Mobile that is caused by the fault of another party, you deserve to be compensated for all injuries and damages you suffer. Alabama maintains a tort liability system of recovery, which means that a claimant maintains the right to file a claim for damages–or a lawsuit–against the at-fault party. In order to recover the damages to which you’re entitled, you will have to prove that the defendant breached the duty of care owed to you, and that the breach was the direct cause of your accident and injuries.

Note that because Alabama recognizes the theory of contributory negligence, any degree of fault/negligence on the part of the plaintiff/claimant can serve as a complete bar to recovery. For this reason, it is essential that you work with a lawyer who not only knows how to prove the fault of the other party, but also knows how to disprove allegations of fault that are made against you.  

Damages in a Car Accident Claim

As stated above, you are entitled to the right to seek compensation for the full extent of damages that you suffer in a car accident. While the value of damages varies dramatically on a case-by-case basis, typically dependent upon the type and degree of injury a victim has suffered, some of the types of damages that are available include compensation for all medical expenses and future medical expenses, lost wages and loss of earning capacity, property damage costs, and even noneconomic losses, such as the value of emotional anguish and pain and suffering.

What to Do after a Mobile, Alabama Crash

If you are involved in a crash in Mobile, taking the following steps may help to preserve your right to compensation.

  1. File a police report and request a copy of the police report;
  2. Inform your insurer of the accident within 24 hours of its occurrence;
  3. Seek medical care, document all care, and follow your doctor’s orders;
  4. Gather any evidence that you can, including photographs of the accident scene and names of eyewitnesses to the accident; and
  5. Call a lawyer – the sooner that you call a lawyer, the sooner that an investigation into your crash can be opened. This is especially important if you are injured to the degree that you are unable to conduct an investigation yourself, which is common following a serious car accident.

Reach Our Mobile, Alabama Car Accident Lawyers Today

If you are harmed in a car accident in Mobile, you need an experienced attorney on your side who knows Alabama law, has years of experience, and has a proven track record of success. When you reach our team at the law office of Whibbs Stone Barnett, P.A., we will gladly review your case free of charge and offer you the support and guidance you’re looking for. We always work on a contingent fee system, and never charge upfront attorney fees for our services. Please reach us today by calling our law office at 850-500-1111, sending us a message, or visiting our office in person. We empathize with your situation and promise to provide you with the quality services you deserve.  

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