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premises liability attorney in pensacola

I Was Hurt on Someone Else’s Property, What Are My Options?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

At times, accidents occur when you are on the property of another party. This may happen when you are at a restaurant or retail establishment, visiting friends, or vacationing at a hotel or Airbnb. Some of these accidents are minor and do not result in any significant injuries. Others can result in more severe… Read More »

Social Security Disability Benefits

3 Reasons to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

When you are unable to work and need to pursue a Social Security Disability claim, you may be overwhelmed by the complex filing process. Since most people have never been through something like this before, it’s only natural to feel uncertain about the future. While Social Security Disability benefits can provide you with the… Read More »

Pool Safety and kids

Pool Safety & Children – Who is Responsible When Accidents Happen in the Pool?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

The mercury is rising, and everyone is ready to cool off in the closest swimming pool. Unfortunately, swimming pools, whether public or private, come with significant risk for accidents and injuries. Drowning remains the leading cause of unintentional death among children ages 1-4, and pool owners can face potential liability when these tragedies occur…. Read More »

playground safety and liability

Playground Safety and Liability – Negligence on the Playground

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

Any parent knows that children will inevitably suffer injuries. From scraped knees to bruises, a curious child is bound to incur some minor injuries as they grow and explore. But serious injuries are a different story, and are not always the result of innocent child play. Indeed, playground injuries may be the result of… Read More »

truck accident lawyer pensacola

How to Avoid an Accident with a Big Rig

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

There is no doubt that the trucking industry is vital to the US economy. Indeed, the Florida Trucking Association reports that the number of large trucks on the road is on the rise, and currently sits at nearly 11 million, and that trucks cover millions of miles every year. In Florida, the numerous imports and exports… Read More »

employment law in pensacola florida

How are Employment Settlements Calculated?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

While there are state and federal laws in place to protect employees from wage and hour violations, discrimination, and other offenses, these laws are not always adhered to. Indeed, employees face retaliation, wrongful termination, unfair wages, unsafe workplaces, and discrimination at an alarming rate. When employment laws are breached, affected employees have a right… Read More »

filing for bankruptcy in Pensacola

Should I File For Bankruptcy?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

The decision to file for bankruptcy is not an easy one to make. To be sure, even if you understand the benefits of bankruptcy and are desperate for financial relief, you may also be wary about the potential consequences of filing for bankruptcy, such as losing your property or destroying your credit score. If… Read More »

divorce lawyer

What Are Grounds for Divorce in Florida?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

Coming to the decision that you no longer want to be married to your spouse is difficult, and likely takes months or years or unhappiness to ultimately reach. Which is why when you do arrive at the conclusion that dissolution of marriage is what’s best for yourself and your future, learning that the state… Read More »


Can I Buy a House after Filing for Bankruptcy in Florida?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

Filing for bankruptcy can be an effective way of getting a clean slate in terms of debt, escaping creditors’ calls, and being able to move forward with your life. Indeed, if you have exhausted your other options for repairing your finances, filing for bankruptcy may be your very best move, and provide you with… Read More »

child support in florida

How Is Child Support Calculated in Florida?

By Whibbs Stone Barnett |

All parents have a legal responsibility to support their children financially, which is why child support is almost always part of a divorce and child custody settlement. The courts assume that the custodial parent is fulfilling their duty to provide for their child financially by being the primary caretaker, and therefore will likely order… Read More »


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