What is an independent medical examination in a workers compensation case and how can it be a problem?

If you are not working with Pensacola workers compensation attorneys and your employer’s insurance carrier wants to you to have an Independent Medical Examination (IME), it is time to obtain skilled legal representation. Here is why.

Insurance companies typically look for ways to cut costs, and having an insurance doctor evaluate your medical condition often slants the results in their favor. The doctor may decide you reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) or that you are ready to return to work, despite the fact you still experience substantial pain. Another physician may not agree with the insurance doctor’s evaluation. Florida statutes define an independent medical examination as an “objective evaluation of the injured employee’ medical condition, including, but not limited to impairment or work status, performed by a physician or an expert medical advisor at the request of a party, a judge of compensation claims, or the department to assist in the resolution of a dispute…”

Pensacola workers compensation lawyers can dispute whether the IME is necessary.  Absent a disputed issue the Employer/Carrier does not have the authority to order an IME.  Disputing the legal necessity of the IME, may allow the injured worker to avoid having a negative legal opinion controlling the medical treatment in the case.

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