How can you help your criminal case?

You always increase your chances for a favorable outcome by working with experienced Pensacola criminal defense attorneys who know the ropes and successfully defend their clients. However, understanding how to be a model defendant in your own case can save you from making mistakes that are difficult to rectify.

According to research presented at the American Psychological Association, close to one million suspects may compromise their cases every year because they fail to understand their constitutional rights. In the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona, the court clarified that authorities must advise suspects of their right to remain silent, right to an attorney and right to have an attorney appointed if they could not afford one. Research showed that out of 9.2 million 2009 arrests, an estimated 976,000 suspects failed to understand Miranda warnings. Of the 976,000, there were 360,000 with mental disorders, 305,000 adults without mental disorders and 311,000 juveniles arrested. Authorities are permitted to communicate the Miranda warning how they see fit, but in many cases defendants end up thinking that remaining silent is something that can be used against them in court. A survey of 119 college and undergraduate students, and 149 pretrial defendants in Texas and Oklahoma jails showed that 31 percent of the defendants and 36 percent of the undergraduates had this misconception about remaining silent. Another prevalent misconception is that police can continue an interrogation after suspects state their desires to remain silent and to consult an attorney. In addition, many suspects do not realize that it is legal for an investigator to lie about evidence, eyewitnesses and other factors to get a suspect to confess.

Other than hiring competent and experienced Pensacola criminal law lawyers to handle your case, one of the most important actions you can take is to invoke your right to remain silent.

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