Trayvon Martin – Why the jury won’t hear everything Zimmerman’s lawyers hoped they would

George Zimmerman’s defense lawyers were dealt a heavy blow today in their efforts to paint a colorful picture of Trayvon Martin’s background.

What defendants’ don’t always know is that facts that might otherwise seem relevant in determining whether someone committed a crime (or in this case, whether Martin was the aggressor) aren’t always admitted in Florida courts (or in other jurisdictions).  In recent weeks, questions have arisen as to whether evidence of Martin’s drug use, texts demonstrating a familiarity with weapons, and other potentially damning evidence should be admissible at trial.  Pre-trial practice, including motions in limine (motions to keep certain evidence in or out) and motions to suppress are critical in advancing a good defense and can also reduce the chances of a defense being botched.

If you are charged with a crime and are preparing for trial, one of the issues that should be examined closely is what your defense can put before the jury as it relates to the alleged victim.  This frequently arises in cases of self-defense and where the credibility of the victim is called into question.

The lawyers at Whibbs Stone Barnett Turner, PA in Pensacola, Ft. Walton Beach, and Mobile, Alabama, have years of experience and have litigated criminal defense motions successfully all the way up to the Florida Supreme Court.

If you have been contacted by law enforcement, we strongly encourage you to exercise your constitutional right to decline to incriminate yourself. Often times, you may be nervous and can inadvertently say something that can be interpreted in a way that it wasn’t meant.  We all too often act like sheep and cower to the perceived authority of a police officer.

Don’t speak to law enforcement without a lawyer.  Simply, don’t do it. Might you be arrested?  You might.  But you will not have given law enforcement evidence needed to convict you.  Instead, contact a competent and experienced criminal defense lawyer to discuss your strategy and develop an affirmative plan of action.  We’d be glad to meet with you about your case.

Don’t go up against sophisticated law enforcement agencies alone.  Find a partner.

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