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How to Stay on Top of your Case after you Hire a Lawyer

For many complex legal matters, you need the services of an attorney to obtain a satisfactory resolution. An attorney can provide advice, counsel, guidance, and legal representation for complicated issues that would be difficult to resolve on your own. When you choose a lawyer to handle your case, there are a few things you should look for:

  • Experience: Your lawyer (or firm) should have extensive experience (at least several years) handling cases like yours. And if you are working with one of the newer associates in a firm, they should at least have other experienced attorneys (in their firm) who will assist them with your case.
  • Competency: The attorney (or firm) should have in-depth knowledge of the area of law that pertains to your case. They should have a strong reputation among their peers, and a proven track record of achieving successful results for their clients.
  • Ethics: Your attorney should adhere to the highest ethical standards. This includes, among other things, maintaining attorney-client privilege, working within the bounds of the law, not engaging in any criminal activity, and putting the best interests of their clients above themselves.
  • Communication: When you hire a lawyer, you should be given an overview of what to expect, when things will happen, and when you can expect to hear from them throughout the process. Your lawyer should communicate with you regularly and provide frequent updates on the progress of your case, so you are always kept informed.

Staying on Top of Your case after Hiring a Lawyer

Once you have chosen a lawyer to handle your case, they will be the ones doing most of the heavy lifting. They will handle important issues such as obtaining facts and evidence, document preparation, negotiating with other parties, court filings, and preparing for and representing you in court hearings (when necessary). Although your attorney is doing a lion’s share of the work, there are some things you should do to stay on top of your case:

Follow your Lawyer’s Instructions

Throughout the legal process, your attorney will ask you for certain things. For example, you may need to provide certain documents, obtain medical exams, and perform other tasks to help move the case forward. When your lawyer asks you to do something, do your best to comply with their requests in a timely manner.

Be Honest and Transparent at all Times

Be upfront with your lawyer about all of the information that is pertinent to your case. Do not withhold any important information, even if it may be damaging. Everything is likely to come out eventually, and if your lawyer has the whole picture from the outset, they will be better able to overcome any adverse issues that will be necessary to favorably resolve your case. Along these same lines, if any new information comes to light during the course of the proceedings, be sure to let your attorney know about it as soon as possible.

Keep your Own Case Records

While your lawyer maintains a detailed case file, you should also keep a detailed file of your own, so you know what is happening and what to expect going forward. Take notes from each meeting and other type of communication you have with your lawyer and ask for copies of all of the important case documents, so you have everything together in your own file. 

Follow up With Questions and Concerns

While your lawyer should communicate with you regularly, there may be times when you have questions or concerns that you want addressed. When you are confused or concerned about something, do not be afraid to follow up with your attorney about these issues. When you contact your lawyer, you should expect to receive a reply from them (or someone in their office) within a reasonable amount of time.

Be Cautious about Discussing your Case with Others

In today’s digital age, many people like to discuss what is happening in their lives on various social media platforms. Keep in mind that anything you say electronically (e.g., texting, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) that is related to your case could be used against you. While you are involved in the legal matter, it is best to limit your social media activity and be very careful who you discuss your case with.

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