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Dog Bite Dangers: What To Do if Your Child Is Attacked By A Dog

Children are smaller, more agile, and more excitable as compared to adults. This often places them at a higher risk of animal attacks. While parents should instruct their children on tips to be safe around dogs, they should not ignore a dog bite incident. You should consult with an experienced dog bite attorney to evaluate your case and obtain the compensation you deserve for your child’s dog bite injuries.

Why Do Dogs Target Children?

Several factors place children at a greater risk to dog attacks, such as:

  • Children are more playful around strange dogs
  • Children are usually unaware of the dangers of touching an unfamiliar dog
  • Children are smaller than adults making them easier targets

In most instances, a child will get bit by a familiar dog from their neighborhood. Reports suggest that certain breeds are more likely to be aggressive as compared to others. Moreover, any dog can act dangerously in a stressful situation.

Many dogs become aggressive because they are manhandled by their owners. These are a few types of behaviors that may place a dog at a higher risk of attacking a human:

  • Failure to monitor or supervise the dog
  • Failure to train the dog properly
  • Actively training the dog to exhibit aggression
  • Leashing the animal for prolonged hours
  • General neglect

Adults should always teach their children about proper behavior around dogs and other animals. You should speak with a dog bite attorney to get the justice and compensation your child deserves after getting bit by a canine.

Steps to Take After a Dog Attack on Your Child 

  1. Ensure the Child’s Safety

The first thing you need to do is to ensure your child is safe. Children are fragile and susceptible to catastrophic injuries following a dog attack. Their torso is lower to the ground. The dog may easily get their sharp teeth into the child’s abdomen and other vital organs. The first thing to do is fend off the dog with sticks or stones and keep it away from your child.

  1. Call 911 

After getting the kid to a safe location, you should call 911. Law enforcement officials will fill out a complete accident report. They will also locate the dog and make an incident report. This can be helpful later if you decide to file a personal injury claim.

  1. Obtain Medical Care

Your child should receive immediate medical care even if there are no wound marks visible. You may want to take the child to the closest emergency clinic. A doctor will evaluate your child’s condition. Seemingly minor wounds can quickly get infected because of the dog’s saliva. Lacerations, broken bones, and other severe injuries will also need to be treated quickly.

  1. Gather Substantial Evidence

You should gather as much evidence as possible at the scene of the dog bite. Use your phone to take pictures of the dog. You should also photograph the location and your child’s injuries if possible. Keep any bloodied or torn clothing as evidence. This can be used by your attorney during negotiations with the insurance carrier.

Get the names and contact information of any eyewitness that saw the attack happen. They can provide invaluable evidence to insurance carriers and law enforcement authorities. Your attorney will use their testimonials as evidence to help you recover compensation for your child’s injuries and medical expenses.

  1. Speak with a Dog Bite Attorney

Do not delay in reaching out to a skilled personal injury attorney with experience in handling dog bite claims. Your attorney will examine all aspects of the claim. They will take necessary steps to gather more information and evidence for proving liability. A dedicated attorney will also handle all communication with the insurance company and other parties on your behalf.

  1. Maintain a Journal

Keeping a log of the incident and recovery can help during negotiations. You should write down facts from the day the bite occurred, follow-up visits, medical treatments, and your child’s pain and suffering. In civil personal injury claims, these journals can be admissible as evidence during a trial.

  1. Follow-up on the Treatment

You need to make sure your child keeps up with the medical treatment and follow-up appointments until they reach maximum medical improvement. You may hinder making a financial recovery if you discontinue medical treatment before the doctor says so.

Skilled Dog Attorneys Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Dog attacks can result in severe injuries to a child. You need to do everything you can to avoid a confrontation in the first place. However, if your child has been injured during an animal attack, you should not delay in consulting with a competent dog bite lawyer. Having an attorney by your side can improve the likelihood of receiving the compensation you deserve. Your attorney will take care of the legal side of things so that you are free to focus on your child’s medical recovery.

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