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Can’t work because of injuries or other debilitating health conditions? You may be eligible for Social Security Disability.

Our lawyers frequently meet people who cannot work because of injuries or other debilitating health conditions.  A common question is what benefits might they be entitled to under Social Security?
The lawyers at Whibbs Stone Barnett have answers.  If you have become disabled and are unable to work, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability.  The social security system works similar to an insurance policy. As you work, you essentially pay into the social security system as you would an insurance premium.  If you become disabled, either physically or/and mentally, and as long as you have worked long enough to have paid into the system, you can “collect” disability payments similar to receiving insurance benefits.  Applying for Social Security Disability is simple.  You can apply online at, apply in person at a local social security office or even over the telephone.   You should apply for social security prior to retaining an attorney.   If you are turned down, don’t be discouraged.  Statistically, most initial applications are denied.  After you receive your denial letter, you should immediately contact a qualified attorney to take over your case from that point forward.  The attorney will assist in the appeals process and represent you in a hearing before an administrative law judge.   The key to a successful disability claim is making sure that you are under the care and treatment of a doctor or several doctors and that your records are properly presented.   The doctor(s) should provide the medical records and opinions that are required to prove that you are disabled and can no longer work.  Keep in mind that a social security case is a long process and it can take 12-18 months before a hearing is held before an administrative law judge.  Therefore, it is best to apply for social security disability as soon as you are certain that you will be unable to work due to a disability.

If you are disabled, it is also important to verify that there are no workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to, or any private long term or short term disability claims that can be made.  Sometimes, people are unaware that they are enrolled in STD/LTD programs through their employment.  Our lawyers will help you sort through these and other issues you may not have even thought of.  Feel free to contact us for a free consultation on all personal injury claims on your disability questions.


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