shuold I see a doctor after an auto accident?

Should I See the Doctor Right After an Auto Accident?

The worst mistake victims of car accidents can make is to not see a doctor. Many people wave away medical responders because they assume their injuries are not significant enough to warrant medical attention. Many victims don’t have health insurance, can’t afford the treatment and hence, don’t go to the emergency room.

Regardless of the reason, when you refuse medical care after a serious injury, it can result in the following dire consequences:

  1. Further injury

You may not feel immediate pain following the car crash since your body is pumped full of adrenaline. Correlating with this, it is common for victims to feel debilitating pain once they reach home. Many victims suffer heat-related injuries, such as hemorrhage or hematoma. These can have fatal consequences if left undetected.

  1. Insurance denied

Insurance companies generally have time limits on which they will pay for medical care costs following an accident. These are usually 72 hours depending on the insurance carrier. You may not be able to claim for the injury if you wait longer to visit a hospital.

  1. Evidence loss

There is a high likelihood of doctors performing a variety of tests if you go to the emergency room. This is for understanding the extent of the injuries. They may perform imaging tests, such as CT scans, x-rays, and MRIs.

These test reports are valuable evidence for obtaining compensation because they show your medical condition immediately following the accident. Medical documentation also helps in establishing the amount of compensation you require for overcoming your injuries. You can include the cost of prescriptions, co-payments, and assistive devices.

  1. Low settlements

Insurance companies will do everything possible for minimizing the amount paid in claims. Carriers are usually more cooperative with immediate medical treatments since these prevent further damage. You may not get the same amount of compensation if you delay getting medical treatment.

  1. Insufficient payments

Medical care is refused by too many victims following an accident because they think they will visit the hospital if the injuries get worse. It is recommended that you visit the hospital immediately. You should go to the hospital again if the symptoms tend to worsen or not get better. The first visit provides a vital connection to future treatments.

An emergency visit to the medical room on the day of the accident helps you claim for injuries that worsen because of the accident at a later date. You can establish a clear line of evidence that can improve the likelihood of recovering fair compensation for all injuries as compared to a portion of the medical costs.

It is difficult to think clearly following a car crash. However, you should try and stay composed if you want to protect your interests once the dust settles. The rule is to be better safe than sorry if you are unsure whether to get medical help or not. This can help you save your life and ensure that you get fair compensation.

Expedite the Claims Process

You can expedite the claims process by visiting a doctor immediately following the car crash. Insurance carriers use a wide range of automated methods for altering claims. They use a variety of data points concerning the incident and its aftermath. The fact that you received immediate care is a critical bit of data used by the coverage provider assigned to your claim.

72 hours is regarded as an ideal window frame by insurance providers to develop symptoms and visit the emergency room. You should not ignore any symptoms, however, modest they might seem. The provider sees refusal to get medical attention as the victim not being wounded. As a result, they don’t adopt an active role in the care.

You may risk reducing the compensation by a significant amount if you postpone medical attention. It can be difficult to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician in just 72 hours. You may find it challenging to seek an emergency appointment with other required experts as well. Moreover, you should not let these challenges stop you from seeing a doctor right after the car accident.

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