How Dashcam Footage Can Impact a Car Accident Case

How Dashcam Footage Can Impact a Car Accident Case

In the past, being involved in a car accident would often result in a ‘he said/she said’ debate between the drivers. With the advancement of technology, drivers now have the ability to record their every move with a dashcam. Dashcam footage can make or break an accident injury case, especially for someone who has been injured in a crash by a driver that fled the scene.

Video evidence of a motor vehicle crash is neutral even though it can be culled from either the victim’s camera or the defendant’s camera. Video does not lie. Dashcam footage can impact a car accident case in many ways, and the footage might not always paint the driver who was driving the car with the dashcam in a favorable light.

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Proof the Accident Happened

Dashcams have made it more difficult for insurance fraud to occur. Video evidence provides a true account of what has and has not happened. When dashcam footage is presented in a personal injury case it will show proof of the accident.

Having dashcam footage to present to the at-fault party’s lawyer makes it easier to resolve a claim, especially if the defendant tried to lie to cover up their actions. When dashcam footage is provided as part of a car accident investigation you can push the at-fault party’s insurance company to make a settlement offer.

Dashcam footage can help your attorney determine the following:

  • The behavior of the other driver in the moments leading up to the accident
  • The speed of the vehicle at the time of impact
  • The road conditions when the crash occurred
  • The weather conditions at the time of the accident

Evidence That You Were Driving Safely

One of the biggest impacts of dashcam footage in a car accident case is that it can show you were driving safely when the crash occurred. Watching dashcam footage from the moments before a crash can show how you operate your vehicle, including the following:

  • That you travel at safe speeds
  • That you take turns safely
  • That you use your turn signals
  • That you apply the brakes easily
  • That you do not tailgate

When these driving habits are captured in the video, it becomes difficult for the at-fault driver to discredit you as a safe driver at the time of the crash. When a personal injury attorney can include your safe driving habits while showing proof of the other driver’s erratic and dangerous behavior it increases the chances of your claim being successful.

Dashcam Footage Provides Timestamps

The timestamps from dashcam footage can be very useful in a personal injury claim following a car accident. Timestamps can be helpful in determining the following:

  • If weather played a role in the crash
  • If speed was a factor
  • If the vehicle was even in the area of a crash when the driver claims it occurred

Dashcam Footage May Provide Audio

In some circumstances, dashcam footage might also record audio with the video. This can be very helpful for personal injury attorneys working to recover compensation on your behalf. If the footage pulled from the at-fault driver’s vehicle recorded audio, it might have picked up on the following, all of which can help prove fault in your case:

  • The driver was blaring music
  • The driver was talking on the phone
  • The driver mentioned aloud their sleepiness, that they were taking medication, or that they were under the influence

The Footage Can Show You Were Also at Fault

As we touched on previously, dashcam footage pulled from either vehicle involved in a crash might also show you were partially at fault. Florida is a comparative negligence state, which means that fault is assigned to all drivers involved in a crash. If the dashcam footage shows you were partially at fault, you will need to take on some of the responsibility for the crash.

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