Why is it important not to settle too soon?

Like all businesses, insurance companies are out to make money. However, when you suffer serious injury in an accident, you should realize they frequently are more interested in cutting their costs through a quick settlement than negotiating a fair outcome. A Pensacola accident attorney can protect your interests and ensure that your settlement adequately covers your needs.

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, only four to five percent of personal injury cases go to trial, and 95–96 percent settle outside of court. Since the majority of personal injury cases result from accidents, these statistics give you a perspective on accident settlements. Insurance companies hire skilled lawyers to negotiate settlements and serve their interests so they can remain profitable. When accidents involve serious injury, a quick settlement is usually in the insurance company’s favor. One reason is that a quick settlement does not allow you to reach maximum medical improvement (MMI). MMI is a medical evaluation that finds, despite continued medical treatment, no further physical improvement is expected. Settling before physicians can get an idea of MMI often leaves patients with inadequate compensation to cover the extent of their injuries. Once settled, you leave yourself with no further legal recourse and may fall prey to financial hardship.

Accident lawyers in Pensacola FL acquire skills that allow them to gauge negotiations and leverage advantages in their client’s favor. You are better off allowing professionals who have negotiation skills and experience to deal with other professionals who also spend time honing their negotiation skills. In today’s legal world, settlements are standard operating procedure for accident cases.

Whibbs Stone Barnett Turner, PA can file a lawsuit on your behalf, which is increases the stakes for settlement and works toward an outcome in your favor.

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