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Using Expert Witnesses in Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

If you have filed a claim for damages after being injured in a truck accident in Mobile, Pensacola or Ft. Walton Beach, you want to give yourself the best chances of succeeding in your claim for damages and receiving the full amount you’ll need to pay for your medical costs and cover any lost income. Successfully litigating a commercial trucking claim will often require the presentation of technical evidence specialized to the field of the trucking industry, on top of evidence going to prove the extent of your injuries and financial losses. This is where expert witnesses can prove invaluable. Expert witnesses are individuals with specializations in fields relevant to your claims for damages who can analyze the evidence in your case and provide an expert opinion on why a crash occurred, what errors the at-fault driver committed in the process, and the damages to which you’re entitled as a victim. Below are descriptions of some of the experts who may play a role in your case.

Truck accident reconstruction and safety expert

Due to the large size of commercial trucks, accidents often occur and look very different from passenger vehicle accidents. In order to determine exactly what occurred during an accident if the drivers’ stories are in conflict or drivers cannot recall, a truck accident reconstruction expert can use photographs, testimony, and physical evidence from the scene of the accident to help determine who was at fault, how fast the vehicles were traveling, or whether the vehicles utilized evasive maneuvers prior to the crash, among other things. An expert in the regulations applying specifically to commercial truckers and their vehicles can also be useful in explaining to the jury the ways in which the driver or vehicle may not have been in compliance with those rules.

Economic expert

A truck accident can be so serious that the victim may miss work for an extended period of time, have to switch to a less-demanding or part-time role, or require lifelong medical care. An expert in economics will be able to calculate lost earning capacity over a lifespan, as well as the medical expenses a victim can be expected to incur, adjusting for inflation.

Medical expert

Some accident injuries may not be visible to the naked eye and will require an expert to translate medical records and explain how the accident caused those internal injuries. Medical experts can also express the level of pain and suffering those injuries were likely to have caused a victim, as well as the victim’s long-term prognosis.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a large truck accident in Mobile, Pensacola, or Ft. Walton Beach, seek the compensation you deserve with the help of skilled and diligent personal injury law firm Whibbs Stone Barnett Turner, PA, at 888-219-4561.