Local Public Schools Under Fire For Treatment of Students
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Unfortunate treatment of students at local public schools and juvenile disciplinary facilities

Student AbuseOver the past several years, the personal injury attorneys at Whibbs Stone Barnett have worked with numerous families who have experienced unfortunate treatment of students at local public schools and juvenile disciplinary facilities.

In one case, a disabled student was abused by a teacher and subjected to inhumane treatment in response to “tantrums.”  In the process of taking depositions in discovery, our lawyers learned that the teacher in question employed disciplinary methods that were not approved at the school district level or even in the professional literature.  The offending conduct had been passed off at the outset as “standard.” In another case, our lawyers came to the defense of a student who’d been bullied and was eventually assaulted in a particularly brutal manner by a fellow student.  In that instance, despite numerous warnings – teachers had failed to properly supervise students and an assault inevitably occurred. In another case, lawyers worked with a student who was living in a Department of Juvenile Justice facility when he was slammed to the ground by one of the employees, causing serious physical injuries.

Our public educators and juvenile workers do a remarkably good job operating in a fiscally challenging environment and are often called on to do more than would seem humanly possible.  They do a good job.  However, there are unfortunate incidents where errors are made and plaintiffs do their part in ensuring that corrections are made and mistakes are not repeated.

If you know a child who has been abused at a school or in a juvenile facility, one of the best law firms in Pensacola is standing by to help.  Call our lawyers for a consultation.


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