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Truck Crashed into Home Kills Homeowner

In a recent accident in the East Hill neighborhood of Pensacola, a man drove a pickup through a woman’s home, killing the woman inside. Donna Sue Alexander, 52, was in her home on East Mallory Street in East Hill, when John Dye, 30, driving a Toyota Tacoma truck, crashed into the home at around 6:40 in the evening. According to police, Dye was traveling north on 17th Avenue when the truck left the road and crashed into the home. Alexander died at the scene of the accident, while Dye was transported to a local hospital. Alexander’s husband was also at home but was not seriously injured in the crash. Her sister had recently left her home, where the family had been celebrating their mother’s birthday. Since the accident, signs saying, “Slow down for Donna,” with Alexander’s photo, have sprung up on streets surrounding Alexander’s home. The local neighborhood association has been expressing concerns over local traffic traveling at unsafe speeds through the residential neighborhood for some time, and while the city has made adjustments, commuters still seem to use the area as a thoroughfare at rush hour.

Police are still investigating the accident and are continuing to conduct examinations of the evidence and perform tests, the nature of which the police representative was unable to disclose. Dye has said that he is unable to speak about the crash at this time, presumably due to being represented by an attorney. Dye has a record of negligent driving prior to this crash, including an incident occurring only weeks before the crash that killed Alexander. In that earlier incident, Dye collided with several parked cars along 12th Avenue, for which he was cited for careless driving. Dye stated that he had been reaching for an item that had fallen to the floor on the passenger side of his vehicle. Prior to this incident, Dye’s record shows several traffic citations, including citations for speeding. He was charged with a DUI in 2010, but the prosecutor ended up dropping those charges. While no official cause for the crash has been stated, locals surmise that speed was a factor in the crash, due to the force with which Dye’s truck hit the house.

Tragedy can arrive in our lives in the most unexpected ways. No one expects to wake up one day and have a possibly negligent, intoxicated, or simply reckless driver crash into their home and kill somebody. If you or a family member have been the victim of a serious tragedy, you know that nothing could ever bring that person back or fully compensate you for their loss. However, you are entitled to damages for the expenses associated with a loved one’s passing when their death was the result of someone else’s negligence. The skilled and compassionate attorneys at Whibbs Stone Barnett Turner, PA can help ensure that you receive any money you may be owed for your wrongful death or personal injury claim. From anywhere in Pensacola or the surrounding area, call now for a free consultation on your possible claims, at 888-219-4561.