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The Connection Between Speeding and Fatal Accidents

Many motorists in Florida are issued speeding tickets every year, but the incidence of speeding has only increased over the years. It’s critical to understand that speeding is not just a bad driving habit – it can be considered negligence, especially if someone gets injured as a result.

If you were injured or have lost a loved one to the negligent or careless actions of a speeding driver, you should work with an experienced car accident attorney in Florida to recover the maximum value of your physical, financial, and emotional losses through a personal injury lawsuit.

Speeding Increases the Risk of Serious Car Accidents

Speeding contributes to one out of four fatal accidents in the United States as per the NHTSA. Not driving within speed limits considerably increases the risk of accidents and the potential for serious injuries or fatalities in an accident. The economic cost of speed-related accidents tops $40 billion each year.

An NTSB study conducted on speeding found that driving at increased speeds can be as risky as driving when impaired by drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, many drivers on Florida roads get frustrated by speed limits. This is especially when they are in a hurry to reach their destination. It is easy to develop a habit of pushing speed limits.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior can result in devastating car accidents. Other drivers are able to effectively predict your arrival at a preset destination or location when you travel at the mentioned speed limit. These drivers may not be able to realistically predict stopping distances and braking habits if they push the speed limits.

Why Do Many Florida Drivers Indulge in Speeding?

In general, motorists don’t think twice before increasing their speed by 5, 10, or 20 mph. But you can curb your own dangerous behavior by understanding the reasons behind speeding. You can also successfully predict the speeding behavior of other motorists on the road and try to protect yourself.

Here are a few reasons why drivers in Florida engage in speeding:

  • Drivers assume that speed limits don’t apply to them since they can “safely” control their vehicles at high speeds.
  • Drivers are in a hurry to reach their destination and conveniently ignore the risks of speeding.
  • Distracted drivers may not notice as their rate of speed increases.
  • Drivers believe that speeding is a problem only if they get caught and receive a ticket.

It is important that you work with an attorney with the necessary financial resources and legal expertise to mount a compelling claim for your damages.

How Speeding Affects a Florida Car Accident Lawsuit

Many people wonder whether speeding has an impact on their ability to seek compensation following a serious car accident. You should speak with a car accident attorney to better determine whether speeding may influence your particular claim or not. These are a few consequences of speeding that you should consider:

Liability Balance

Speeding can tip the liability balance in a car accident. The police may assign primary responsibility to a single individual at the scene of the accident. Moreover, closer examination may reveal that the other driver that was not initially deemed responsible for the crash actually contributed through speeding.

Excessive speeds don’t allow a person to respond appropriately when the other driver commits a hazardous or dangerous act on the road. If the accident was caused by the other driver, but you were found to be speeding at the time of the accident, the compensation you receive may be altered.

Florida follows the doctrine of comparative negligence, which means the compensation you recover after a car accident will be lowered by the percentage of fault you share.

At-fault Driver’s Speeding Behavior

Ironically, the other driver’s speed may not always have an impact on the compensation amount. This basically means that if the other driver’s fault is established, there might be no increase in compensation even if they were found to be speeding. In relation to this, if it’s determined that you were speeding, it can tip the scales of liability.

You can file a claim for compensation and damages following a car accident. This includes pain and suffering, lost time at work, and medical expenses. The compensation amount may not change unless your attorney can prove that the at-fault driver engaged in particularly egregious driving behavior, extremely dangerous driving, and extreme speeding which caused devastating injuries to you or the wrongful death of a loved one.

Catastrophic Injuries from Speeding

Accidents caused by speeding often result in more severe injuries. Fast-moving vehicles are prone to causing more damage as compared to vehicles at lower speed rates. Occupants of both vehicles will suffer more injuries as a result. This means higher medical bills, longer time in recovery, and a greater risk of permanent injuries. This can affect passengers in both vehicles for the remainder of their lives.

You can lend a meaningful advantage to your accident claim by hiring a competent personal injury attorney with a long history of settling car accident claims for maximum compensation.

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