Why you should hire a local lawyer


Recently in the Pensacola area there have been a lot of commercials and especially billboards for attorneys that are from South Florida Birmingham Alabama Louisiana from all over but none of those attorneys live here. I’m born in Pensacola raised in Pensacola. I raised my family here now which means I know the attorneys that will be against you on the case. I know the doctors that you’re going to go to. I know the judges that you’re going to be in front of all of these things matter. When you have a case it helps you to adjust your strategy for the different types of doctors that you see or don’t see. Also you’ll know where I am and you can come and see me and we can sit down and have a face to face talk and anytime I meet with somebody in person I think that always goes better. I think it goes better than when you call on somebody in Miami about your case in Pensacola.