photos of the car accident scene

How Accident Scene Photos Can Increase the Value of a Car Crash Claim

Auto accidents can have devastating consequences and completely upend the lives of those involved in the crash. Generally, victims have to worry about mounting medical bills and lost wages on top of recovering from injuries as well. The result of your compensation claim depends on how effective you are in gathering evidence.

An experienced and prolific car accident attorney in Florida will be able to help you gather enough evidence to prepare a strong claim so that you can achieve the maximum financial settlement from the negligent party.

Importance of Car Accident Scene Photographs

You can effectively preserve evidence and prevent overlooking any important information by taking pictures of the accident scene. These photographs are invaluable evidence in personal injury litigation. Photographs and videos can be used for refreshing your memory before you speak with an insurance adjuster or in court.

The images can be used by an experienced attorney for painting a detailed picture of the accident location, weather, and road conditions. They can include information about traffic conditions and intersections.

Pictures can be used as corroborating evidence as well. Accident scene photographs and videos offer several benefits, including:

  • Personal injury documentation
  • Proof of property damage
  • Reminders that may have been forgotten or overlooked

By having clear car accident photographs of the damage, you can ensure the insurance claims adjuster takes you seriously. They will know that you are knowledgeable and motivated to acquire a fair settlement. In short, accident photos can play a pivotal role in helping you obtain a higher settlement offer.

Document Traffic Signals

You may be able to reconstruct the circumstances of the accident by taking a picture of the traffic sign. Yield signs hidden by overgrowth at an intersection may indicate the at-fault driver failed to notice the sign and yield the right of way. It is possible for overgrown shrubbery to be reduced following the accident.

You can ensure that the road conditions at the time of the car accident are documented by taking photographs. Dense overgrowth can make it difficult for approaching vehicles to have a clear view.

You can document the situation by taking photographs of the signs, overgrowth, and approaching vehicles. You may be able to increase your compensation by suing third-party entities, such as the relevant municipality for negligence as well.

Take Photographs of Surrounding Scene

There may be certain elements around the accident site that can be used as evidence. You should take pictures of the surrounding vicinity. Don’t forget to click pictures of shop fronts that have security cameras pointed at the street. This way you can remember to contact them later on.

You may not immediately observe certain things because of the accident. However, later you may realize their importance when filing an accident claim.

You should also take images of your damaged car. Don’t forget to take pictures of other damaged vehicles and road conditions. Make sure you click any skid marks to show the other driver was speeding.

You can lend context to your photographs by taking pictures of the same thing at multiple distances and angles. Don’t take only close-up photos even if they show more detail. You may want to take photographs from a few steps afar so that the viewer can better understand the damage in relation to the vehicle.

Take More Pictures Than Needed

There is no such thing as taking too many photographs or videos. Your attorney will go through all the images to identify the best ones. They will find it easier to show damage by way of images if they have a lot of options to choose from. More photos mean you have more relevant evidence to support your claim.

You can take action even if you forgot to take photographs at the time of the car accident. You can immediately take photos of your injuries and pictures of the vehicle if it has not been repaired.

If the car is at the salvage yard, you may want to contact them to check whether they can send photos over. You can also head to the accident scene to get photos of poor road conditions, intersections, overgrowth, and other things.

You should not forget to document your injuries through their recovery. This can be used for proving the extent of the injury. Don’t hesitate in asking a family member or friend for help if your injuries prevent you from moving around.

You can retain the services of a law firm. There are several established firms that can help their clients in gathering the necessary evidence for supporting their claims.

Let a Seasoned Auto Accident Attorney in Florida Fight for Your Right to Maximum Compensation

In a personal injury case, the burden of proving the other party’s fault lies on you. Clearly, photographs of the accident scene, damaged vehicles, your bodily injuries, and other surroundings can make a vital difference to your claim for damages.

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