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Dangerous Highways Causing Roadway Accidents

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Car crashes happen every day. When you try to analyze how and why they occur, you typically look to the drivers for blame. But one area that many people, including Pensacola auto accident lawyers, often overlook is the role a dangerous road may have played in the accident.

At Whibbs Stone Barnett, we examine every auto accident claim for any road design or maintenance problem that may have been a factor in the crash.

Claims for dangerous roads are somewhat different from typical auto accident claims because they usually are filed against the government entity responsible for the road — federal, state, county or municipal — not against the other driver. Consequently, these cases can be difficult to pursue because the government may have immunity from such claims.

What Needs to Be Done

Time is of the essence in dangerous road cases. Our Pensacola personal injury lawyers examine the accident, your vehicle and the road. Photographs taken at the accident scene are extremely helpful. Success hinges on a careful investigation of the dangerous road and its design, approval and construction history, as well as accident statistics. Often in these cases, we rely on expert traffic engineers and accident reconstructionists to build a strong foundation.

To prevail, we must show that the government knew of a significant highway or road danger and failed to fix it. The government must ensure that there is no substantial risk of injury when someone uses a road, with due care, in a reasonably foreseeable way. By working diligently and carefully, our Pensacola accident attorneys can win such claims, even if you are partly at fault for the accident.

Factors That Indicate a Dangerous Road in Pensacola

There are many causes for a dangerous road:

  • Defective design
    • Hazardous curves, slopes or dips
    • Defective or missing guard rails
    • Steep drop-offs alongside the road
    • Obstructions to visibility
    • Lack of median divider
    • Unsafe entrance and exit ramps
    • Slippery pavement
    • Improper drainage
    • Insufficient warning signs
    • Wrongly placed traffic signals
  • Defective construction
  • Defective maintenance
    • Allowing deterioration of the road, guardrails, signals and signage
    • Wearing of road lines

By ignoring these factors or that accidents frequently happen in the same location, the government may be liable if the factors caused your injuries.

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