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Claims for Toxic Exposure at Work

If your job entails working with hazardous chemicals, then you’re probably aware of the risks and the need to exercise caution in your work. However, you may be exposed to chemicals without even realizing it. If you become injured or ill as the result of exposure to dangerous chemicals or compounds at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Read on to learn about toxic exposure, and contact a skilled attorney for help with your claim.

Federal guidelines require robust protections for workers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has created detailed guidelines to ensure that workers are as protected as possible when working with dangerous chemicals. Workers are entitled to training on how to handle toxic or hazardous materials. If a chemical is highly dangerous, employers should first try to substitute those chemicals for a less dangerous alternative before requiring workers to use them. If the dangerous substance can’t be replaced by a safer alternative, then workers should be rotated off that dangerous work frequently to reduce the risk of exposure. Additionally, workers should be provided with well-ventilated workspaces, as well as breathing and skin protection.

Even office workers can suffer toxic exposure

While certain professions, such as those working in demolition, gas or oil refineries, agriculture, or dry cleaning stand at greater risk for suffering from toxic exposure on the job, these aren’t the only occasions that workers can suffer from toxic exposure. Employees who spend the majority of time at their desks can also suffer from injuries caused by chemical exposure. This can occur by, for example, custodial services using hazardous cleaning products or paint products without proper ventilation, or if the building develops an outbreak of toxic mold.

Proving a claim for toxic exposure can be a challenge

Since toxic exposure can occur anywhere, proving that the toxic exposure occurred on the job isn’t always easy. Additionally, symptoms of toxic exposure can look generic, including difficulty breathing, skin rashes, nausea, or dizziness. It can help to secure the services of a skilled workers’ compensation attorney who can research what substances may have caused your symptoms and investigate which chemicals used at your workplace could be responsible.

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