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Building Code Failures Are Widespread on Construction and Renovation Projects

Working in the construction industry, you are probably not surprised when accidents and injuries occur on a construction or renovation project. However, many of these accidents and injuries are preventable. And no matter who is at fault, you may have the right to workers’ compensation benefits.

One of the most common causes of injuries on construction sites and renovation projects are building code failures. If you suffered injuries due to a building code failure while working on a construction site or renovation project, you may have the right to workers’ compensation benefits.

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What to Do After a Building Code Failure

Immediately after a building code failure, it is important that you call emergency medical services so that you can be seen by a healthcare professional. Even if you feel fine, it is important that you be seen. Invisible injuries such as concussion, internal bleeding, and organ failure can be devastating.

While you are waiting for medical professionals to arrive, do what you can to document the scene. Take as many pictures and videos of the building code failure and your injuries, and anyone else’s injuries as you can. The construction company may attempt to make repairs to the initial building code failure in an attempt to destroy evidence. But your documentation of the scene immediately after your injuries could prove invaluable when you attempt to seek workers’ compensation benefits or recovery of your damages in civil court.

After you have been deemed medically stable, your first call should be to a respected Pensacola building code failure lawyer. We can open up an investigation to determine who is at fault for your injuries so that you can see compensation in civil court. But we are also prepared to help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits that are rightfully yours.

Your Right to Workers Compensation in FL

Most employers in the state of Florida are required to provide their employees with work comp coverage. You should be protected by your employer’s workers comp coverage from the first day of your hiring. It does not matter how many hours you work or how long you have been with the company. As long as your building code failure injuries occurred within the scope of your employment, you should be able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits.

However, it is not unusual for employers and their insurance companies to do everything possible to deny even the most deserving of claimants. But when you have been seriously injured after a building code failure on a renovation project or construction site, you have the right to be protected financially when you are unable to support yourself.

Workers Comp Benefits After Building Code Failure Injuries

Workers’ Compensation benefits can go a long way in helping you continue to support yourself and your family while you are unable to work and waiting for the outcome of any civil lawsuit you may have pursued. If your workers comp claim is approved after your building code failure injuries, you can expect to be awarded specific benefits.

The insurance company should cover all of your medical expenses as they relate to your work injuries. This includes any equipment that you may need, costs of physical rehabilitation, prescription medications, and other healthcare costs that may be required in the future.

You could also expect to collect disability benefits. These typically amount to approximately two-thirds of your average weekly wages. You can usually expect to collect these disability benefits until you are cleared to return to work. But depending on the injuries he sustained, there may be a maximum number of allowable weeks before your benefits may be terminated.

Find out what workers’ compensation benefits you could collect after your construction site or renovation project injuries when you contact a workers’ comp lawyer for help.

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