Best Smartphone Apps to Keep Your Child Safe on the Road

Best Smartphone Apps to Keep Your Child Safe on the Road

It seems like they were your baby just yesterday, and yet today you’re sitting in the passenger seat while they test out their brand-new driver’s license. This rite of passage for teenagers is one of the biggest challenges for parents, who are forced to learn how to give their children independence.

There’s still a lot you can do to keep your kids safe once they are able to drive and explore the world on their own. Not only are smartphones great for communication, but they are also excellent tools for promoting safe driving. Check out these apps and give yourself some peace of mind as your teen sets out on their own.

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Life360 is easily one of the most well-known family tracking and driving monitoring apps. It’s a simple way to track family members’ whereabouts. When you add the Driver Protect Plan to your subscription, you get access to a whole new set of features. The driving review feature provides valuable insight into your teen’s driving habits, including their top speed, regular routes, braking and accelerating habits, and cell phone usage while driving. One of the most important benefits of this app is automatic crash detection.

If your teen is involved in a major accident, the app will detect it and trigger Life360 to call your teen directly. From there, the advisor can call emergency services on their behalf. Another feature is Life360’s extended roadside assistance. No matter where your child is or when they need help, Life360 will be there to fix a flat tire, offer a tow, or ask for help with an accident.

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

Getting teens to care about safe driving is a feat in itself. Remember, you’re battling a not-yet-developed prefrontal cortex that doesn’t yet tell your teenager that drag racing is a bad idea, so if your teen drives like they’re invincible, you’re not alone. Put a spin on your safe driving lectures by turning it into a game.

With TrueMotion, you can make safe driving habits a competition. The app tracks each family member’s driving and awards points based on different driving habits. And really, what teenager wouldn’t want to taunt their parents about beating them to the top of the charts every week?

Other features make TrueMotion an easy choice. The app provides information on cell phone usage habits, so you’ll know if your teen is texting or using social media while driving. The app will also notify you if your teen drives aggressively by speeding, stopping too suddenly, or accelerating too rapidly.


If you’ve ever tried to get a teenager to pay attention through an entire family dinner, you know that keeping their eyes off of their cell phone is a losing battle. However, it’s non-negotiable when it comes to safe driving. MamaBear alerts you if your teen texts while driving or if they drive above a preset speed. You can relax with arrival and departure updates that let you know when your teen has safely reached their location.


For teens who could use a little guidance in the safe driving department, DriveScribe is the app you need. It’s a virtual safe driving coach that finds tough areas for your teen, coaches them on how to fix it, and rewards them when they make progress. You can also opt to block notifications for calls, texts, and emails when your teenager is driving.


Encourage your teenager to drive safely with DriveSmart, which features a “driving mode” that sends calls to voicemail and mutes text notifications. Although the app does have an override feature, using the override sends a notification to the parent’s phone. The app also tracks acceleration, braking, turning, and parking habits for your convenience.

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